The Chinese Government Just Annihilated My Online Tutoring Job. What Now?

The Online Tutoring Industry is in ruins!

Online teachers scramble to get on lifeboats as they watch the Online Tutoring Industry sink. Illustration by Steve Stone.

Fun fact: A Chinese student studies more in one week than an American student studies their entire lifetime!

Chinese students study way too much, and the cost of having a child is high because of their school fees and tutoring fees. But is destroying the tutoring industry overnight the right way to go? Of course not!

Millions of jobs are now getting deleted. Making tutoring illegal will just raise the price of tutoring and will push families and teachers to go to the black market.

The demand for tutoring won’t end because of harsh laws. It’s going to make it worse for parents and scary for teachers who now have to operate illegally and risk being raided by the police like they’re selling heroin instead of helping kids with math.



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