How Covid is Ending Elephant Exploitation in Thailand

A typical elephant riding camp, complete with bullhooks and stupid tourists. All photos by the author.
Truck advertising an elephant camp that forces elephants to perform stupid tricks.
A chained, working elephant with a thousand-yard stare.
A mahout “resting” a painful bullhook on an elephant’s head for no reason.

The only thing funding this industry is tourism and now that tourism has been halted for who knows how long, this has stopped an exploitative and harmful practice that should have ended decades ago.

Those who have previously paid to take selfies, ride, and exploit these beautiful animals for their own entertainment should pay to feed them and keep them in a sanctuary where they will never be forced to entertain humans again.

With the knowledge of all humanity in our pocket, there is no excuse for ignorance anymore.

Chained elephant still wearing a heavy, metal saddle on her back. It’s time to liberate her!



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