Exploring Bangkok: Sathon Canal Art

Bangkok has a lot of amazing graffiti art !

My favorite piece up on Sathon Canal Art. All pics are by the author.

I have lived in this part of Bangkok for a little over a year and thought I had seen all the cool spots, but I was wrong! After deciding to take a different route back from the vegetable market I stumbled across a huge expanse of graffiti art along the canal on Sathon.

There were signs saying it was called “Sathon Canal Art.” I had no idea this place existed, so it was a great find. Definitely worth checking out if you’re in Bangkok.

Here are some of my favorite pieces:

There was a section of “spooky” graffiti art which of course was my favorite artwork.
Frankenstein with a cute bunny.
Grim Reaper. Unfortunately, I can’t read Thai, so I don’t know what it says on the right.
As far as I know, this area has the most graffiti art in one place in all of BKK.
Really cool Thai urban art.
Along the khlong behind the urban art are rows of shacks where people live.
There’s a lot of graffiti art on either side of the khlong (canal.)
Graffiti art on the side of a school.
Important piece to remind people how important the street cleaners are in Bangkok.
Reminds me of high school mascots.
Acid whales.

Which piece is your favorite? Mine is the first one since I love death and skulls.



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